Success stories


  • project 1

    Collaboration since 2004 in
    CRM for Consumer and SMB
    segments in Latin America.

  • project 2

    Participation in the development
    of Database Management
    strategies for Tourism
    and E-Government.

  • project 4

    Implementation of a loyalty program for their clients. As well
    as the creation of digital
    marketing strategies.

  • project 5

    Management of digital strategies for their restaurants in the CRM
    and Social Media area.

  • project 9

    Management of digital strategies for yours restaurants in the CRM and Social Media area.

  • project 9

    Management and handling of information updates related to relevant pages in the website.

  • project 9

    Consultancy in digital strategies
    for leads generation via
    Email Marketing. Additionally, management of retargeting campaigns.

  • project 9

    Implementation of digital
    strategies for port-sale follow-up
    in car dealerships.

  • project 9

    Development of
    "Elite Diamond Club" loyalty program focused on executive assistants.


A small selection of what some of our most recent clients say about us.

"Discovery in Schools has been working with Quaxar since 2013. The experience has been great. Their professionalism, dedication, and ability to deliver concise and accurate information shows their commitment to us. It is a pleasure to work with Quaxar."

client 3 María Teresa Velasco Maria Teresa Velasco Manager, Education & Public Affairs Discovery en la Escuela

"Quaxar has helped to facilitate the processes of capturing and processing information that allows us to systematize and analyze the information content and to obtain relevant data on how the activity of the State Government is reflected in the media."

client 2 Ángel Martinez Armengol Ángel Martinez Armengol: Director of Monitoring, Analysis and Evaluation of Social Communication

"Quaxar has been a key element in achieving goals, and that has helped us to reach as many people as possible and to create a group of followers interested in our brand."

client 1 Rosa Issel Castro Executive Projects and Digital Interactive Games